State releases “2023 Social Innovation Impact Report”

HAF+WRCF is excited to share the state of California’s “2023 Social Innovation Impact Report” highlighting the state’s partnerships with leading philanthropies and community-based organizations to address some of the state’s toughest challenges. We appreciate the partnership with the state to better understand, engage with, and support efforts to make a difference in our region.

Read the full report at:

“In every issue from infrastructure to climate to human rights, our philanthropic partners help us catalyze true change and accelerate our work so that Californians across the state, regardless of background, can benefit,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “This report is proof positive that California leads not just in technology innovation, but in social innovation, too.”

The 2023 Social Innovation Impact Report outlines these approaches and demonstrates their effect on Californians who have benefitted from a range of programs advancing disaster relief, green jobs, immigration and reproductive rights, and more.

Achievements listed in the 2023 report include:

•16 public-private partnerships in 2023, totaling $20.2 million in philanthropic contributions, leveraged over $1 billion in public funding.

•11 California state agencies and departments helped advance partnerships.

•12 communities were provided disaster relief services following severe winter storms and other natural disasters.

•1,000+ migrants per day supported at the border (as of December 2023).

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