Trinity Trust

Residents of Trinity County created the Trinity Trust with Humboldt Area Foundation + Wild Rivers Community Foundation to support Trinity now and in perpetuity.

The Trinity Trust works to improve the quality of life in Trinity County through community giving and strategic grantmaking. The team works to inspire and encourage charitable giving to support the county through local capital and resources. The Trinity Trust advertises multiple grant opportunities for charitable organizations each year as well as a scholarship opportunity for students from Trinity County. An advisory committee of Trinity County residents stewards the collection of funds that make up the Trinity Trust in partnership with foundation staff.

“The Trinity Trust was once only a dream of a few folks gathered around Al & Marne Wilkins’ dining room table. Soon after, contact was made with Humboldt Area Foundation and stimulus grants were obtained for summer camp activities for children and young people, which continue today, funded by our own endowment. The first formal trust that launched the Trinity Trust was the Gilbert Henry Gates Trust of 1993, established to support a variety of local charitable organizations. Following this example of charitable giving, other funds and trusts were subsequently formed”. 

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