Native Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the HAF+WRCF Service Region is located on unceded territory and is the traditional ancestral homeland of Indigenous nations. We share a deep gratitude and respect for our Indigenous communities. We take this opportunity to thank and honor the original caretakers of the lands that Indigenous people continue to cherish and protect, as elders have instructed the young through the generations.

The HAF+WRCF Service Region is located on the current and ancestral homes of the following Indigenous Peoples and Tribal Nations:

  1. Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria
  2. Big Lagoon Rancheria
  3. Blue Lake Rancheria
  4. Chilula Tribe
  5. Chimariko*
  6. Chit-dv-ne’*
  7. Coquille*
  8. Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation
  9. Karuk Tribe
  10. Lassik*
  11. Nomlaki
  12. Nongatl*
  13. Nor El Muk Wintu Nation
  14. Resighini Rancheria
  15. Round Valley Indian Tribes
  16. Shasta Costa*
  17. Sinkyone
  18. Sovereign Nation of Elk Valley Rancheria
  19. Takelma*
  20. Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation
  21. Trinidad Rancheria
  22. Tsnungwe Council
  23. Tututni*
  24. Wailaki
  25. Whilkut
  26. Wiyot Tribe
  27. Yurok Tribe

*Denotes tribes with descendants only.

This list was made possible by the research of the Native Cultures Fund

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