Native Land Acknowledgement

HAF+WRCF Service Region includes the unceded lands of many Indigenous peoples. 

  1. Chetco
  2. Chilula
  3. Chimariko
  4. Coquille
  5. Hupa
  6. Karuk
  7. Lassik
  8. Nomlaki
  9. Nongatl
  10. Sinkyone
  11. Tolowa
  12. Tsnungwe
  13. Tututni
  14. Wailaki
  15. Whilkut
  16. Wintu
  17. Wiyot
  18. Yurok

We share a deep gratitude and respect for our Indigenous communities.  We acknowledge these 18 Indigenous peoples and the federally and non-federally recognized nations that represent them.  

As part of our commitment to taking action with our land acknowledgement, and in recognition that our properties sit on the unceded homelands of the Tolowa and Wiyot peoples, HAF+WRCF pays a voluntary honor tax to the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and the Wiyot Honor Tax Fund.   
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