Requesting Support

Whether you are looking for a grant, scholarship, or other types of community support, we are available to talk to you about your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have questions about ways we can help you or your community. 

We have a vision of a

Thriving, Just, Healthy,
and Equitable Region.

scholarship finder with bigfoot wearing a grad cap holding a diploma

Scholarship Finder

Scholarship Finder is a regional hub for scholarships. Every January through March, HAF+WRCF awards hundreds of scholarships to students in our region. Scholarship Finder makes it easy to apply for multiple scholarships with a single, universal application.

HAF+WRCF Grants Portal

Grant funding supports charitable programs and projects in our region.

Visit the HAF+WRCF Grants Portal to learn more about some of the Foundations available grants.

Additional Ways We Support the Community

Letters of Support

We can provide letters of support for your program or organization.

Grant Application Endorsement

Are you applying for a grant from the state, Federal government, or philanthropic partner? In some cases, we can support your grant application by endorsing your application.

Programs & Affiliates

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