Grants support fire response & resiliency efforts in Trinity, Humboldt and Del Norte counties

HAF+WRCF is distributing five grants totaling $59,000 in December to organizations and agencies for disaster response and resiliency efforts in Trinity, Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

The latest grants, approved by HAF+WRCF’s Community Response Team (CRT) on Dec. 4, benefit the following recipients:

  • Douglas City Community Services District, for outfitting an older fire engine donated to the Douglas City Volunteer Fire Department with equipment. Nearly 80 percent of the calls the fire department responds to are medical, health and safety, and accidents.
  • Tri-County Independent Living, for minor operational expenses for its Disability Disaster Access & Resources Program serving Humboldt, Trinity and Del Norte counties.
  • Trinity Food Community Outreach, Inc., for its Disaster Container Project to purchase and install one of four planned shipping containers, each with back-up generators, heating and cooling systems, in remote, rural areas throughout Trinity County.
  • Willow Creek Fire Safe Council, for retaining a Grants and Administrations contractor for a 6-month period, bridging a gap in funding until a significant amount of expected grant funding becomes available to continue their community collaborative strategies for reducing wildfires.  
  • Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire Protection District, for a hydraulic ram used for extricating persons trapped in vehicles or by other heavy objects. Every year volunteer fire crews respond to numerous accidents and medical calls, especially on Highway 299.

Funding for these grants is provided through HAF+WRCF’s Disaster Response and Resilience Fund (DRRF), which was established in 2021 as a response to the 2020-21 fire season. Funded by contributions of individual donors and philanthropic partners, the DRRF has assisted groups that provide community support for those most vulnerable in response to fires, storm events, earthquakes, and other natural and human-made disasters.

“With the ongoing support of our community partners and individual donors, HAF+WRCF continues to assist many critical health and safety efforts in Trinity County and overlapping Tribal Lands,” said Ali Lee, HAF+WRCF’s Senior Program Officer for Strategy, Program & Community Solutions Team.

Learn more about the Disaster Response & Resilience Fund at Learn more about donating by contacting HAF+WRCF’s Donor Services team at

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