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Sarah Millsap

Sarah Millsap

Vice President
Finance & Administration

Through my work at the Humboldt Area Foundation and in support of its mission, my hope is to be of service to my colleagues and the communities which we serve and interact with in order to inspire, encourage, and give light to the achievable potentials we carry as members of a dynamic, growing, and ever-changing web of human existence.

I joined the Humboldt Area Foundation’s finance team in 2014 looking for place where I could apply my twenty years in corporate accounting in a challenging and new environment. HAF has been that place! I oversee our financial processes, internal controls, and audit and tax returns while also working in an organization that does such great things as scholarships, support for Native cultures. outreach to our communities, and grants that assist a myriad of great people and organizations!

A native of Humboldt County, I traveled extensively when younger with my family but settled back down to our beautiful area with my husband Jack, three horses, a mini mule, and assorted other furry and feathery pets. I look forward to many years furthering our mission of strengthening our communities.

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