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Kendra Traynor

Kendra Traynor


Policy Associate
Policy, Advocacy, & Civic Leadership

Originally from Los Angeles, I moved to Humboldt County in 2018 to pursue a Bachelors in political science and to escape the city to enjoy the beauty of the region. While studying political science at Cal Poly Humboldt, I focused my concentration on the politics of Environment and Sustainability. Through my studies and experience I have centered my values around the environment, sustainability, and community activism.

My goal is to use my skills and knowledge to work collaboratively with communities and groups to ensure a thriving and equitable community. Through research and analysis, I hope to contribute to the development of effective policies that address social and economic issues. I am passionate about pursuing a career in public service and am eager to explore opportunities to work with government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the community at large.

On my free time I enjoy bike riding, hiking, exploring, and reading books. The most recent book I read was Rum Diaries by Hunter S. Thompson and I am currently reading The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell.

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