Leavey Ranch RFP

Please direct all questions to nRhythm via leaveyranchrfp@nrhythm.co. The property is not open to the public and we request no applicants or potential applicants disturb the current tenants or try to access the property.

Humboldt Area Foundation + Wild Rivers Community Foundation (the “Foundation”) is seeking applicants for the future stewardship of Leavey Ranch. Potential applicants must be a 501c3, government or tribal entity. The selected applicant will either take full ownership and operation of Leavey Ranch immediately upon selection, or they will enter into a short-term partnership (up to 24 months) with the Foundation focused on supporting a transition of full ownership and operation to the new steward.

The successful applicant will understand the historical context of and donor intentions for Leavey Ranch and will submit a proposal that takes into consideration both the donor’s intent and the historical inequities of the Foundation’s service region. The successful applicant will preserve the ecology of Leavey Ranch and take a holistic approach to stewardship of the property as well as promote equity for historically excluded populations in the Foundation’s service area, which encompasses Humboldt County, Del Norte County, Tribal Lands, Trinity County, and Curry County. 

The Foundation is partnering with nRhythm, a consulting organization, to implement and carry out this Request for Proposals (“RFP”). nRhythm will be active in various roles throughout this RFP process including running Q&A sessions and facilitating the work of the Foundation’s recommendation team.  


In 2007, Jim Leavey created the Joseph J. Leavey, Jr. Revocable Trust establishing the Leavey Ranch Fund and leaving his family property to the Humboldt Area Foundation. The 240-acre property is located across the Mad River from Blue Lake, CA and the Blue Lake Rancheria and includes three terraces encompassing riparian frontage, pastureland and woodland. There are several structures on the property, including two houses, two barns and an aviary. There are six ponds and a solar well system. The pastureland is currently leased as a working cattle ranch. The region is the historic home of the Wiyot people. The property is not open to the public and we request no applicants or potential applicants disturb the current tenants or try to access the property.

The Humboldt Area Foundation has managed the property as the Leavey Ranch LLC since 2014, supported with an endowment held by the Foundation. Several academic studies relating to local wildlife, soil composition and geospatial mapping have been conducted on the property. 

The Process

Our partner, nRhythm, hosted a live Q&A session on August 15, 2023. Below is a link to the recording of the Q&A session.

Link: August 15, 2023 Q&A Recording
Password: K1S6YM5#

Find the FAQ document featuring responses from the Q&A session here: August 2023 Leavey Ranch RFP Q&A

The submission period has closed as of Sept. 20, 2023. The new steward will be selected in Spring/early Summer of 2024. 

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