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Charlie Jordan portrait

Charlie Jordan

Board Chair - Owner/CEO Kinetic Koffee, Inc.

I have over 30 years in Product and Business Development focused on companies from start-ups through $100M. My primary roles include CEO/ GM, Business Owner/ Operator, Consultant, and Change Agent. In my career I am fortunate to have completed an MBA and have become proficient in several disciplines supporting organizational development. I am currently the managing partner of Kinetic Koffee, started in 2005 to help provide jobs and bring in funds from outside of our community. Kinetic Koffee sells locally as well as across the country and has always given back 10% of net profits to non-profits in our area. My most precious and personally my proudest accomplishments are my four children. Having lived in Humboldt for just shy of 40 years, I was fortunate to raise my family in this beautiful place and provide for them the opportunities that come from living in a small community with access to such wonderful outdoor activities as affords us here on the north coast. After losing my son, Kevin Ebbert in 2012, our community wrapped our family in love and kindness. Following a three-year effort requiring government agencies across the State to develop a structure and procedure for dedicating portions of our State Highway to our Fallen heroes, a section of Hwy 101 was dedicated in honor of Kevin and paved the way for others to be memorialized. I love cycling, hiking, camping, and traveling with my husband. In addition to serving on this Board, I serve on two other Boards and am very involved with Rotary and the Navy SEAL Foundation. I am grateful for the ability to help make our community stronger and help those with needs gain access to resources to better themselves.

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