Rotary Club offers $100,000 grant

In honor of its centennial year, the Rotary Club of Eureka is offering a single $100,000 grant from the Glyndon “Sign” and Ruth Smith Endowment Fund to a community project that benefits residents in the greater Eureka area.

The purpose for the grant, through Humboldt Area Foundation and Wild Rivers Community Foundation, is to support charitable organizations and projects. International projects will be considered providing a non-USA Rotary Club is involved. Applications will be accepted from July 24 through Sept. 4. Scan the QR code or visit the HAF+WRCF Grant Portal.

In years past, the Rotary Club has distributed “Sign” & Ruth Smith grants for numerous community projects with grantees including the Northern California Blood Bank, Food For People, Redwood Art Association, and Humboldt Trails Council.

The Rotary Club of Eureka, which celebrates its centennial in October, will consider projects that may need other sources of funding to complete the work, providing that there is sufficient funding from all sources to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time.

About the fund:

In 1996, the Rotary Club received a gift of nearly $700,000 from the estate of one of its former members, Mr. Glendon “Sign” Smith and his wife, Ruth. The funds are held and invested by the Humboldt Area Foundation and Wild Rivers Community Foundation. The annual proceeds are awarded as grants each year.

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