HAF+WRCF grants $45K to Arcata House Partnership to shelter more houseless

HUMBOLDT COUNTY — Arcata House Partnership, the only nonprofit in Humboldt County operating an extreme weather shelter for the houseless, is filling in and covering an indoor swimming pool to accommodate additional clients after receiving a $45,000 grant from Humboldt Area Foundation and Wild Rivers Community Foundation (HAF+WRCF).

“We feel that providing this service during bad weather needs to be a community response and we are proud to be part of the solution,” said Darlene Spoor, executive director of Arcata House Partnership (AHP). “The support of HAF/WRCF, donors and our volunteers is critical.”

Since 1991, Arcata House Partnership has been integral to providing critical services to people who are homeless in Arcata and Humboldt County. During a run of extreme cold weather this year from February 12 to March 15, AHP served 61 houseless people by providing 476 “bed nights” during bad weather, Spoor said. 

“One bed night equals one person having a safe place to sleep for one night. This is not a service that we are funded for but are committed to keeping people safe,” she said. 

Currently, at one of its buildings there is only enough room for eight clients to sleep in cots around the edges of the empty swimming pool each night, she explained. To make room for up to 25 clients, AHP is filling in the pool and finish the floor over it. The cost to do the work is approximately $33,040, plus an additional $12,000 to purchase cots, blankets, and storage for client’s possessions. AHP applied for a grant through HAF+WRCF’s Disaster Relief and Resilience Fund and received $45,000.

Spoor said AHP has been working closely with the contractors and Arcata city officials, and construction on the project started this week, Spoor said.

For more information about Arcata House Partnership, visit www.arcatahouse.org, email info@arcatahouse.org or call 707-633-6236. To contribute to HAF+WRCF’s Disaster Response & Resilience Fund, or to submit a grant application, visit hafoundation.org/Giving/DisasterFund. Contact HAF+WRCF at grants@hafoundation.org or call 707-442-2993. 

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