New COVID Policies Keep Eye on Community Safety

The Humboldt Area Foundation and the Wild Rivers Community Foundation have announced new meeting protocols that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and board members while enabling the Foundation to continue serving the public.

At this time, the Foundation continues to require visitors to make an appointment and discourages drop-in visits. You can reach the Bayside office by dialing 707-442-2993 and the Crescent City office at (707) 465-1238.

“We’re concerned for the health and safety of our communities, and we have many young children in our organization who can’t be vaccinated. Thus we’re still taking a high level of precaution,” says Bryna Lipper, CEO of HAF+WRCF.

In accordance with Humboldt Area Foundation and Wild River’s Community Foundation’s duty to provide and maintain a workplace that is free of known hazards, the Foundation is adopting new protocols to safeguard the health of employees and their families; Board members, customers, and visitors; and the community at large. These protocols are the first step in a multistep process as the Foundation plans what a “new normal” will look like in a hybrid work environment.

Vaccination Policy for Guests and Visitors

Notable changes to the Foundation’s policies include requiring all guests and visitors to be fully vaccinated before coming to the HAF campus or entering the WRCF building. In addition, outdoor meeting spaces will be made available at both locations, with a maximum meeting occupancy of 20. In most cases, however, meetings will continue to occur remotely unless circumstances require an in-person meeting.

Other notable policy updates include:

Only fully vaccinated personnel may come into HAF+WRCF premises. In addition, only fully vaccinated personnel may meet in person with other fully vaccinated parties.

HAF+WRCF Staff and Board members will not meet in person, in any manner, to conduct business on behalf of HAF+WRCF with non-vaccinated parties due to public health concerns.

As per HAF+WRCF’s current vaccination policy, all employees/board must be vaccinated unless a reasonable accommodation has been requested and approved. A reasonable accommodation does not exempt a party from these protocols.

Staff/Board is welcome to continue wearing a face covering as desired, but it is not required. Any individual may request masking during meetings and in a shared space. No reason is needed for the request. All other staff and board are to comply with a request to mask.

Still No Public Meetings and Meeting Spaces at this Time
Out of concern for public safety, HAF+WRCF continues to restrict the use of its meeting facilities. Updates will be made on this news blog and elsewhere when the Foundation resumes scheduling public meetings. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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