Philanthropic partnerships

Wild Rivers Community Foundation (WRCF) is honored to collaborate with so many diverse philanthropic partners throughout the year to address community needs as they arise in Del Norte and Curry counties.

WRCF believes in the power of partnerships and in the power of people coming together with a united focus and a shared purpose. We engage in these partnerships to build scale and impact that we otherwise alone could not obtain. The collaborative partnerships helped to leverage dollars and impact for Curry and Del Norte County in many diverse ways including the following: Keeping the doors of a veteran-serving organization open, Disaster and Resilience Preparedness facilitation and support, training volunteers to work with foster youth as advocates, provide snacks for after school programs, provide support for sack lunches for Veterans, funding to purchase a new steam table to keep food warm for seniors, support for community theatre and the arts, funding to support literacy through the purchase of books to children in Klamath, and funding Career Technical Education opportunities and projects as presented by youth.

WRCF Partnership Grants

WRCF facilitates two grant rounds each year to support nonprofitorganizations, service clubs, schools, tribal governments and faith-based institutions that are providing valuable services to our citizens in the Wild Rivers Region. The following grant rounds would not be possible without the commitment and collaboration of our partners and donors.

Holiday Partnership Grants: This collaboration with our partners supports those institutions and organizations that help provide holiday meals, warm clothing, shoes, and even toys for children who might not otherwise receive them during the holidays providing much needed hope.

Summer Youth Mini Grants are awarded to organizations that provide fun, safe, enriching and healthy activities for children and teens during the summer months when they are not in school. A variety of activities, from acting classes to sports to art camps, offer personal growth and are available throughout Del Norte and Curry counties.

Since its inception WRCF has awarded more than $3 million in grants and scholarships in Del Norte and Curry counties. Our partnerships and collaborations with private funders, donors, businesses and other foundations help us to leverage dollars to powerfully impact the communities we serve. Thanks to our partners for their generosity and commitment to our

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