Building Community disaster resilience

It’s been more than two years since the Chetco Bar Fire threatened thousands of people in Brookings-Harbor area, but the chaos and confusion it caused still weighs heavy on the minds of many residents. That’s why many Curry County community partners are coming together to better prepare for future disasters by establishing clear, efficient channels of coordinated resources, information, communication and education.

In 2019, Wild Rivers Community Foundation partnered with Meyer Memorial Trust to convene and facilitate numerous one-to-one empathy interviews in Curry County to better understand people’s experiences during and after the Chetco Bar Fire. The confidential interviews with residents and system leaders have birthed deeper insight into our communities’ strengths, vulnerabilities, and how community organizations and agencies can be more resilient in the face of adversity.

Additional community sessions are planned for 2020, during which the WRCF staff and community members will share what we’ve learned so far, ask for more input and collaborate on ways to assist all members of the community in being better prepared for disaster.

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