Children’s Dental Angel Fund

The Humboldt Health Foundation (HHF), a supporting organization of the Humboldt Area Foundation, provides funds for the Children’s Dental Angel Fund. The Children’s Dental Angel Fund was created in 2001 to meet dental-related needs of individual youth (0-19 years of age) in Humboldt County, in situations where emergency funds are required. 

Requests must be submitted through the child’s “dental home,” (AKA primary dental provider, or regularly attended dental clinic). Service providers may not make requests for their own reimbursement and individuals may not apply on their own behalf. 

An itemized pre-treatment plan and x-rays from the treating dentist must be submitted along with the grant application form for a request to be considered. Both the Angel and the child’s parent/guardian must sign the agreement form for the request to be eligible for grant consideration. 

Assistance for treatment will only be awarded in circumstances in which emergency funds are needed, and in which there is no other identifiable source of funding available (Ex. insurance, government assistance, or other grant programs). Assistance will not be awarded for orthodontia or procedures deemed to be cosmetic in nature.

Grant size may be impacted by the availability of funding at the time of the request. We will attempt to notify you of the status of your request within one week of receiving the application. 

You may submit a request by postal mail, fax, or e-mail. 


ATTN: Grants Coordinator
Humboldt Health Foundation
363 Indianola Road
Bayside, CA 95524

Fax: (707) 442-2382


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