Legacy Giving Options

A gift for today…and for the future.

Your legacy gift enables you to provide for the next generation and beyond. 

How can you invest your legacy bequest in the future well-being of our community?

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  • Support one or more charitable organizations most meaningful to you  
  • Direct your gift toward a more general area of interest you are passionate about and allow a Leave a Legacy Humboldt partner to oversee its management 
  •  Entrust a Leave a Legacy Humboldt partner to direct the bequest to the most pressing needs facing the community in a manner that continues to honor your wishes

Ways of leaving your legacy:

A bequest gift left to a Leave a Legacy Humboldt partner through a will or living trust is a simple and direct way to provide a charitable bequest.

Retirement Plans
Naming a Leave a Legacy Humboldt partner as a beneficiary of your retirement funds—such as IRA, 401(k) or 403(b)—is a straightforward and effective way to benefit the community. This type of planned giving may reduce significant, often unanticipated, tax payments.

Charitable Remainder Trust
A fund of any type may be established with a Leave a Legacy Humboldt partner and the remainder of a charitable trust. A gift of this nature enables donors to ensure an annual income for themselves or a loved one during their lifetime, with the funds remaining after the end of the trust term directed to the designated charitable purpose.

Charitable Gift Annuity
Appropriate for bequests smaller than charitable remainder trusts, this option allows donors to transfer a gift to a Leave a Legacy Humboldt partner in the present while ensuring an annual income and tax benefit for themselves or loved ones during their lifetime.

Life Insurance
A life insurance policy can enable donors to expand modest annual contributions into a more substantial legacy. You can assign a new or existing policy to a Leave a Legacy Humboldt partner, designated as a full or partial beneficiary.

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