The Trinity Trust offers a variety of options and services so that every donor can create a fund that meets his or her charitable goals.

Donors may choose whether they want their fund to be a permanent (endowed) or temporary (expendable) and choose between the following types:

Discretionary Funds

Grant award decisions are made at the discretion of The Trinity Trust. This allows The Trinity Trust to address the charitable needs of the community as they change over time.

Field of Interest Funds

Donors designate the focus area for grants, i.e. youth, health, arts and culture, seniors, and The Trinity Trust makes grant awards to the best possible grantee within this focus area.

Donor Advised Funds

Advisors are consulted for suggestions regarding specific grantmaking from the fund.

Scholarship Funds

Donors establish funds within specific criteria for students within Trinity County. This benefits students and can be Donor Advised or Field of Interest.

Designated Funds

Donors name one or more specific organizations they wish to support.

Organizational Funds

Schools, faith-based and non-profit organizations build income for upcoming capital campaigns and/or ongoing support of their mission.

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs)

Irrevocable trusts provide donors with income during their lifetime and subsequently support charitable work.

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